The greatest systems threat to any small business is not external. It's internal -- disorganization, obsolescence, fragile and informal procedures, and wasted time and effort.

Systems that keep running -- current, well-maintained computers and programs -- are essential to the short and long-term prosperity of your business.


Have You Ever Said ...

"... I lost my data ..."

  What if you knew your systems were being backed up regularly and securely?

"... I can't find it ..."

  What if you could easily find any document that you wanted?

"... I can't open it ..."

  What if you could read and handle any format of document sent to you?

"... it's not on this machine ..."

  What if your files and data were securely available to you at work, on your laptop, and at home?

"... who knows the password ..."

  What if you knew how to find all the relevant logins and passwords?

"... who do we call? GhostBusters? ..."

  What if you knew how to locate all providers of support for your network, hardware, and software?

"... it won't run on my machine ..."

  What if you could add new capabilities without major systems overhaul?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these, give us a call.



Find data more quickly and easily for customers and vendors.

More productive use of your existing IT assets to lower costs and improve business operation.

Business runs smoothly from fewer interruptions, less downtime.

Data is preserved and secured, and easily retrievable after small or large disaster.

Employees and computers enabled to work together smoothly.

Support costs are lower. Fixes are quicker from faster diagnosis, confiuration, and repair.

Systems in place to identify and handle emerging problems.

You have more time to spend with your clients and customers.